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20 May 2023 - 13 Aug 2023

▸ 高雄市仁武區勇全路105號|堅山景仰
▸ 2023.05.20 – 08.13 
▸ Mon.- Sun. 10:00-19:00
▸ Artsy Viewing room

許匡匡2023個展《藍色的嶼》帶來全新創作於5/20-8/13在高雄堅山建設「堅山景仰」展開。許匡匡《藍色的嶼》以心中的島嶼為主題,延續藝術家標誌性的藍色系基調,以富有詩意的童趣形象展開一場關於孤獨 (solitude) 的探索。此次許匡匡與藝術家林羿仲合作,結合其擅長的陶瓷注漿混色的技法,創造出緩緩流動色彩,與運用玻璃等多樣材質為《蘑菇心室》發展新系列作品 。


<手嶼> 系列畫作,許匡匡曾因為工作關係接觸到手語環境,對這個寧靜語言所乘載的豐沛情感印象深刻,將之轉化成為 <手嶼> 的意象,真實的自我如初生般蜷臥於島嶼的掌心,獨處時反映內在心緒變幻的獨白囈語,被傾聽同樣無需倚賴眾聲的喧嘩;星象中月亮代表情感,是畫面中反覆出現的符號。

另外,許匡匡也為《小王子》系列推出繪畫新作,也加入了星球的孤獨、星球與時間的要素,呼應此次個展主題。 希望大家能愉快享受這場展覽,更享受與自己的相處。


Zito HSU’s solo exhibition “Blue Solitude ” will be held from May 20 to August 13 at “Jianshan Jingyang (堅山景仰)” in Kaohsiung showcaseing a series of new paintings and ceramic. In “Blue Solitude” by Zito HSU, she explores the theme of islands, envisioning them within her mind’s eye. Her iconic blue tone permeates the artwork, complemented by poetic and childlike imagery, guiding us on an introspective journey exploring the idea of solitude. Collaborating with artist LIN Yi-Jon, HSU incorporates LIN’s slip casting technique and uses glass to create the captivating Mushroom House series. This technique enables a slow and creamy flow of paint on clay, adding a touch of allure to the artwork.

In the wake of the pandemic, where feelings of isolation were widespread, solitude has often been perceived negatively. However, Zito offers a unique perspective on the matter. She illuminates the profound tranquillity that can be found in spending time alone. Solitude enables us to restore inner peace, facilitating introspection and self-acceptance. It is through solitude that we uncover invaluable lessons about ourselves.

The Inner Island series draws inspiration from the world of sign languages, a realm where Zito was once immersed during a work-related experience. Witnessing the profound range of emotions that can be conveyed through this silent language left her captivated. Consequently, she skilfully translates this enchantment into the imagery of a hand-like palm within her Inner Island series, where one’s true self lies in the heart of an island, akin to a newborn baby. The soliloquy one experiences in moments of solitude serves as a reflection of the ever-fluctuating states of their inner world, offering an opportunity to be heard without the clamor of the bustling external realm. Within astrology, the moon symbolises emotions, thereby assuming a recurring role in Zito’s artistic creations.

Zito extended her artistic endeavours to The Little Prince series, where she seamlessly intertwined the concepts of planets, solitude, and the essence of time to resonate with the overarching theme of her solo exhibition. We hope that you enjoy this show and can embrace the precious time spent with yourself.

  • Date: 20 May 2023 - 13 Aug 2023