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03 Sep 2022 - 17 Sep 2022

GALLERY HOURS | Tue.–Sat. 12:00–19:00
CLOSED | Sun.–Mon. 中秋連假開放參觀

東京塗鴉藝術家KABEKUI台灣首檔個展“CLOSE YET FAR”由雲清藝術與ARTEMIN GALLERY合作策劃,預計於 9/3起至9/17登場,帶來38幅作品,包含平面繪畫以及獨有的木製2.5D創作,KABEKUI標誌性的角色以生動且繽紛的色彩出沒在畫面之中。

‘KABEKUI’ 之名源自於藝術家自創神秘 2.5D 生物,KABEKUI 在日文中為「喰牆之蟲」之意,牠們有著日式卡通臉孔和可以無限延展又總是相互錯綜的身軀,雖然非常弱小,但在集結之後還是可以產生很大的力量,如藝術家在日本潮流文化藝術雜誌《HIDDEN CHAMPION》專訪中提到:「KABEKUI就像是存在於人心之中蠢蠢欲動的某種意識。」

KABEKUI透過展覽名稱“CLOSE YET FAR”道出刺蝟困境心理狀態,拉近的距離可能是傷害的原因,矛盾在秩序與混亂的縫隙中滋長,陷入的是充滿選擇,卻又進退兩難的困局。如此的概念可在展覽主視覺作品 《Dilemma》中察覺 ,KABEKUI 角色們通過層層交疊的淺色和深色切割板材,以前所未有的複雜姿態糾纏在了一起,不斷地擴張,突破了框架卻也可能帶來更難解的桎梏;《門 / 跨境  Door/Penetrate》系列則讓人聯想到哆拉A夢的道具「任意門(どこでもドア)」,但藝術家在此為我們掏出的,是也曾在該動畫中短暫出現過的「誰知道門(どこだかドア)」─人們通過它將前往的是預料之外的地方,每扇門的背後開啟的都是屬於觀者自己的平行世界探索。

Tokyo graffiti artist KABEKUI’s first solo exhibition in Taiwan, “Close Yet Far”, is on view between 3rd – 17th September 2022, presented by Elsa Gallery and ARTEMIN Gallery. The exhibition will showcase 38 pieces of KABEKUI’s art, including paintings and his unique 2.5-dimension wooden works that come with vibrant colours and his iconic, vivid characters.

The name KABEKUI originates from the mysterious 2.5 dimensional creature brought to life by the artist. In Japanese, kabekui means bugs that eat walls. The artist’s kabekui have cute cartoon faces with ever-lengthening bodies that intertwine. Although they are weak alone, they become powerful when gathering together. KABEKUI mentioned to a Japanese arts and culture magazine 《HIDDEN CHAMPION》in one interview that this idea is like a subconscious thought everyone harbours in their mind.

In the exhibition title “Close Yet Far”, KABEKUI conveys to viewers the dilemma of hedgehogs as getting closer with others may be the cause of harm for these tiny creatures. Paradoxes grow in between order and mess since hedgehogs seem to have many options but it, in fact, is a choice too hard to make. This concept is manifested in the work featured in the key visual, <Dilemma>, where KABEKUI’s characters run past layers of dark and light shade boards and get entangled in a complex way never seen before. As these characters keep expanding and going beyond the limits, a more complicated structure that is harder to break down is formed. As for the <Door/Penetrate> series, it may make us recall Doraemon’s prop Dokodemo-doa (Anywhere Door) while it is actually Dokodaka-doa (Somewhere Door), a prop that appears in the cartoon for a short while and takes people to an unexpected place. Behind these doors, there is always a parallel world that exclusively belongs to viewers and allows them to freely explore.

  • Date: 03 Sep 2022 - 17 Sep 2022