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【PlatForm】 桃田有加里 Yukari MOMODA

25 May 2024 - 15 Jun 2024

▸ Tue.- Sat. 11:00-18:00
▸ 作品資訊:Here!

雲清藝術很榮幸將舉行藝術家 桃田有加里 Yukari MOMODA 台北首次個展 【PlatForm】。

桃田有加里於2008年獲得東京Wonder Wall主審獎,並於2012年在第30屆上野皇家美術館大獎展中獲得日本廣播獎(傑出表現獎)。桃田的藝術主要集中在人體的表現上,到了2013年轉變為抽象風景,藝術家自我評論曾說到:「最終她的目標是以某種形式將人體與風景融合在一起。」這次展出,桃田也將帶來影像作品《0》(rei)系列,內容源於藝術家的個人生命經驗啟發,也是跨越媒材的一次全新創作嘗試。



Elsa Gallery is honored to present artist Yukari MOMODA’s first solo exhibition “PlatForm” in Taipei. Yukari Momoda received the head judge’s award at Tokyo Wonder Wall in 2008 and the Nippon Broadcasting Award (outstanding performance award) at the 30th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition in 2012. Initially focusing on representations of the human form, Yukari Momoda’s art transformed into abstract landscapes by 2013. Momoda comments that, ultimately she aims to merge the human figure with landscape scenes in some form. This exhibition also features the “0” (rei) series of video work inspired by the artist’s personal life experiences, representing a fresh creative endeavor spanning across different mediums.

How does one capture fleeting moments within the flow of time?

Yukari Momoda has long been intrigued by the notion of “frozen time” within artworks, viewing paintings as vessels that preserve the memories of eras and the perspectives of their creators. By dynamically layering and intertwining flowing pigments on static canvases, Momoda visually reimagines this concept, embodying the temporal journey within semi-abstract forms. This exploration delves into how the temporality of paintings manifests as a state aligned with the present moment, while providing an opportunity to represent a sense of time untethered from conventional standards in our fast-paced society, where time is often overlooked.

  • Date: 25 May 2024 - 15 Jun 2024